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Go Local Direct Koolwins Coupons & Offers

Get Special Offers & Event Updates Direct To Your Customers Via Text Message from your Australian Business Mobile Marketing Phone Number! 

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Do you want to stand out from the rest and get a competitive edge based on price?

Then tell it to your customers through event coupons & limited offers from your Business SMS Customer Relationship Management Dashboard.

Reward your most loyal customers.

Provide value to your customers

Create custom member lists for different events - Customers Anniversary - Birthday's etc.

Let your customers in on an exclusive members only sale or an event related text message with SMS Marketing.

 "Keep it Simple: No Coupon - Then No Deal"

Simply place a custom QR-Code or Digital Kiosk in store for your customers to join as a member and receive offers & updates from your business.

Local Customers Dashboard

GO Local Direct Customer Relationship Management Office

Reach Customers Faster⏱With Our Management Platform.

One simple step allows you to reach customers via Text, Social Media, Email, Voice your Website and more. Over 20 features and benefits in one place.

Built for teams who want to be at their best and serve their customers 24/7.

Go Local Direct manages both inbound and outbound communications from one simple inbox.

Broadcaster – Schedule Group SMS Messages

Give your clients and customers every opportunity to reach your business. Use the Broadcaster tool to pack your one message inside a simple plain SMS and then serve it to a large audience at once. 

Provide instant interaction by enabling automated responses based on keywords or phrases, and maintaining client engagement

Launchpad Ad Builder

Slow on Thursday or a certain time of day? Well not anymore. You can design custom promotions or coupons to get customers back and grow your business.

Begin building your business’s very own ads and coupons with the simplicity of this feature.

Easily create an ad to send to your marketing lists whenever. Track how well your message got across to your audience.

Imagine having a sale or discount and no way to promote it. Sure sending your customers the information via SMS and email would be beneficial but giving them a page that has the details and images make it much more pleasing.

 Go Local Messenger

With Go Local Direct you have all of your customers’ messaging in one place. The days of going to the mailbox, social media platforms to see messages are over as we give one dashboard to communicate with your customers.

Communicate Quickly, Stay Engaged, Send Feedback Request Links, Schedule & Book Appointments, Edit Customer Information, Transfer Conversations Instantly.

Having the ability to properly communicate with ALL of your customers and clients on a daily basis. Go Local Direct gives you the tools needed to meet their needs.

Team Chat – Chat with your employees

Sending a mass text to all employees / communicating with employees where they are available. On their mobile phones.

Contact your staff regardless of where you are. This makes it easier to communicate with everyone through one source. No more third-party messaging platforms to stay connected with your team.

Having all of your chats and messages in one spot helps your business stay organised. Everything is all in one place so that you don’t lose track of anything going on within your business.

Micro website landing page

Keep customers engaged with Go Local Direct's pre-enabled auto messaging capabilities.

No need to spend extra website developers or dump your money on funnel builders.

Get high-quality website landing pages to get your message across through our Microweb tool.

Use it to Taking calls to reserve a table is an important benefit for restaurants, because by guaranteeing customers a seat...build a stunning landing page within minutes.

We have drag-n-drop templates so that you don’t have to build anything from the ground up.

The best part, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to do this.

Appointments and Booking Center

We offer a top tier appointment reminder and booking system that suits every business type. Assign roles to agents, create availabilities, schedule meetings, phone calls and much more.

Just how critical is an online booking system for your business? If you expect your business to grow, not only is an online booking system useful, it's a must-have.

Taking calls to reserve a table is an important benefit for restaurants, because by guaranteeing customers a seat...

Feature Breakdown

Conversation Sharing

Connect clients with specialist team members right away, by being able to transfer leads and communications with ease for both you and your customers.

Call Blocking

Cut back on delays, wasted time, and add more overall value to your service by being able to block unwanted calls.

Client Protect

Maintain confidentiality by shielding customer profiles to protect their personal information and secure their privacy, but also the privacy of your team and operations with advanced security settings.

Round Robin

Allow team members to ‘phone a friend’ and rotate conversations to have more than one team member troubleshooting or addressing a client’s needs at anytime.

Conversation Tagging

Create automated settings to group leads and customers based on specific criteria, and alert other team members of higher priority conversations.


Days of tracking down the right person are over - be able to assign various operations and conversations to pre-designated departments to make communications and work-flow easier.

Call Transcription & Recording

Improve your customer service by being able to review previous phone calls for quality assurance and training purposes, or take advantage of pre-recorded messages for outbound calling to gain more time and revenue.

Canned Messaging Library

Create and store your own custom canned messages for easy automated replies to customers. Eliminate the extra time necessary to create individual replies and use your most effective reply messages to increase sales.


Gamification is a great way to engage with your Customers

Send customers digital Scratch n Win & Spin to Win Cards or run contest with our digital Kiosk platform.